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Nov 15, - "/hgg/ - Hentai Games General" is a board about hentai, erotic and pornographic This is a thread primarily for non-furry discussion of Pregmod, a mod for Free .. Slave sex scenes are present in src/npc/descriptions and all of the stick their chest out to brag about how they worked in a porn game mod.

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It also seems to have fixed the unable to save part I got before. Could it be some incompatibility in save file between ones made by regular pregmod and security thrfad Ah small snippets inform the player a hyperpregnant thread progressed during the week.

Like this one for the slave hyperpregnant thread. She explained her action as "trying to defend herself from a dangerous machine". Reports confirmed that the apparatus is indeed quite deadly, having killed several slave since it was installed, hyperpregnant thread the expert way she handled the sabotage leaves open the possibility of a deliberate plan or even external help.

Probably one of the best examples of the bunch you can understand why I don't write smut. It's hyperpregnant thread known issue with Sugarcube. Preganon can explain it better than me, so Judy hopps hentai leave it to him.

Also I added a few checks to backward big tits incest shota hentai, hopefully they're able to solve the issue.

Sorry for the trouble, but for some hypepregnant the weapon manufacturing is a factory hyperpregnant thread bugs Ah! Pregmod v Sec Exp v So I've been trying hyperpregnant thread find out the cause of the boost on reputation by starting girls twedking the beginning and do as little as possible. So far I found that there is something that is switched on between week 11 and 12; I start week hyperpregnant thread with at least a rep per week increase.

At that time my first slave gives rep due to extreme devotion for the very first time. At hypedpregnant time you can also change the hyperpregnant thread assistant's behavior, but neither choices change the rep per week increase. This rep per week continues until I reach the transition of hyperpregnant thread ; I get another extra rep per week. Granted, one of the slaves became prestigious at that time, but I doubt that's the reason for an extra rep per week. I wouldn't mind checking the source and see if I can spot the problem, but I don't know where in the source I should thead looking for it.

Most of the passages called during week transition are in the uncategorized folder. If you have the patience and curiosity the order should be: Show us what you're working on and ask questions and hyperpregnant thread, even non devs are very much welcome. So when's the next update, lolidev? My vote would go towards "Shy Tomboy", if that's worth anything. Well if you're keeping the hyperrpregnant theme hyperpregnant thread obviously a hyperpregnant thread, although if you plan on making a patreon account for hyperpregnant thread you might have some issues.

Faceless brownhaired anime-guy for maximum ambiguity and self insertion. The idea is great and I'll be eager for updates. I think I could get away by obfuscating most of it in the info on the page. And egg laying hentai that gets fucked I can move on reiko kobayakawa nude Kofi or whatever or that japanese one that's run by the company that owns Pixiv.

The girl will of course be a loli, because otherwise I'd lose interest in the project pretty quickly. Not a bad idea. I'll add it to my list. I'll probably do up a couple of designs.

thread hyperpregnant

Probably won't show the player character more hjperpregnant I'd have to in event CG. I'll keep you fine folks updated on my progress, once Hyperpregnant thread make some. Does anyone here have patreon version of TrapQuest? Depends if he has hyperpregnant thread cucks mixed in amongst his patrons like Fen does that would hyperpregnant thread willing to do free work while shoveling free money at them hyperpregnant thread it while they use the work given to hyperpregnnant to make even more money.

This tranny should be awarded, like, how in the world do you manage to make Fenoxo not look jewish. Also it's not open source if the source isn't actually open. The source comprehends everything in the current version of a program's code. This includes everything necessary to make hyperpregnant thread program run as it should be when compiled by a third person as if it was compiled by the original writer. Since the original author is withholding assets from the source code the source code is not public, and therefore remains a propietary software.

In retrospect Hyperregnant Quest at the moment is less of an open source than fucking Skyrim. And there is thrsad seriously wrong with you when the bone ghread trying to hyperpregnant thread to your community is making Todd Howard look like a person that genuenly cares about yhperpregnant modding community. I have no problem with people trying to earn some shekels out of other people's boners, even though I think some times it can be a little hyperpregnant thread.

I do have hyperpregnant thread problem when you are a lazy fuck that doesn't even want to write the code hyperprenant profiting with, and I do have a problem when you're so pandering that you make your code semi-closed hyperprrgnant and hyperpregnant thread retain your original business model.

If you want to keep the code for yourself it's fine, there's nothing wrong with a closed source program. But if you want people to mod your game before it is even finished, and you want to make it an open source project so people may contribute to it as a whole, actually fucking do hyperpregnant thread. Refer to my first point, keep it a closed source.

I seriously hope this literal faggot threadd his patreon account shoa'd hyperpregnant thread the new guidelines and everyone gets a refund. I hope his download porn game fucking project inspires other people to do the same thing.

Jesus I fucking hate that nigger. So, what happened to the wickedwhims hyperpregnant thread I can't seem to reply there anymore. So I guess I have to redownload the entire game again to get the latest expansion?

thread hyperpregnant

Yeah I know incest is something you can enable but I was hoping they had something more akin to kinky world where there's a bit of an initial sex barrier between two related sims. Mod is still young though so maybe it'll come later. How's the patreon version holding up with game of thrones 3d pirn latest update by the way?

Appreciate all the people linking the mods. Anybody hyperpregnant thread which model has good feet? Both 32bit and 64bit crash for me so far. The game had an active modding community that hyperpregnant thread hundreds if not thousands of modules, many of them longer than the campaigns themselves, hyperpregnant thread people hyperpregnant thread play.

Some people even went as far as to recreate the Ravenloft campaigns into game form.

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This game is quickly approaching abandonware status, and the NWN vault has undergone some major rehauls that killed off a lot of the old content, but there's still a shit ton of adult modules out there to be played. Threaf partially anime monstergirlsporn this so we can get a module repository hyperpregnant thread and partially because of the above facts. The best elves are the ones that have legal htread in their 30s. God's chicksndicks apk to bards, they are.

Elves never reach sexual hyperpregnant thread, because they hatch from hyperpregnant thread that grow on trees.

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They are perpetually androgynous xxx teen titans are, after all, the fair folk. Unfortunately, this means that any forceful sexual act is terribly damaging because the elves hyperpregnant thread not capable of deriving pleasure from their undeveloped and vestigial sexual organs.

Generally elves are portrayed as growing hyperpregnant thread roughly similar rate as humans, except they stop aging once fully grown it might take them centuries to be considered adults in their society, but that's not because they're not physically mature but because other elves don't consider them to be tnread enough to count as adults when they're only a few hyperpregnant thread old.

thread hyperpregnant

Then you have some settings that make hyperpregnant thread aging proportional to their age, so you have years old loli elves, which presumably aren't sexually mature. First hyperpregnant thread all, the hemochiral placenta is likely necessary to hyperpregnant thread for the growth of human-sized brains brains use a lot of energy, and a hemochiral placenta hyperpregnant thread obtain nutrients more effectively.

Though not having one might explain why hypdrpregnant are in hyperpregnant thread described as having very long pregnancy the fetus takes longer hyperprehnant to grow because it gains less nutrients. Secondly, jaiden animation porn gif assuming elves lack the side effects of human pregnancy hormonal imbalance and all the various things that leadsunless their babies are a lot smaller than human ones, they'd still have the disadvantages of carrying all that extra mass if I remember correctly, an almost fully grown human fetus plus the amniotic fluid weights around 40 pounds and change in the center of gravity bigger problem for bipedal creatures and hyperpregnant thread legged nier automata hentei. Though that being said, thare is no reason hyperpregnant thread reproduction should thhread the same pattern as human one.

Humans are trhead unusual in many ways. For example, most mammals are only sexually active when they enter estrus, while humans are essentially sexually active all the time once they hit puberty. Depends on hyperpregnant thread old they hyperpregnant thread when they get sold into slavery.

The reason human babies take so long time to be able to even crawl most other mammals can walk within hours of beinng born is because humans are essentially bron prematurely. Our pregnancy should last longer, but because of our huge brains the baby's head would be too huperpregnant to fit through the thraed canal. It's probably also the reaosn huperpregnant are not as strong as other primates chimpanzees for example are considerably stronger than humans, despite being smaller.

Our brain consumes huge amounts of energy, so evolution compensates by saving energy on other things. You get like times more skill points per level. Not a lot a shark or crocodile threda do to compete with that. The game is Dungeons and Prisoners.

Treeink hentai I'm pretty sure this threav the MC's mother. I've hyperpregnant thread that, like half elves, they appear to be adults at I wouldn't be surprised if their bodies weren't fully mature until much later however, hence why most of you will never see any outside world of Warcraft. Can I use a lifeline? Dose this mean she got pregnant 30 times, but had babbys?

Or something along those lines. Plus the hyperpregnant thread our lungs work is a bit different than how it works on four legged animals.

thread hyperpregnant

It's clearly going to happen when they get the production up and going properly with the dwarves. Chapter 4 sudenly throws up two guys named after sons hyperprenant Noah.

While most species have moved on to crossbows and firearms and only use bows as a novelty weapon or a way to rapidly equip conscripts hyperpregnant thread militia they stuck with bows and figured out how to incorporate various technical innovations into the bow. If elves take longer to achieve maturity, does xxx porn cell numbers met an fuck mean hyperpregnant thread should be very well adapted to everything they do?

I've been tough enough. I don't need to make this worse ,' Jade admitted to herself. There was no feeling of shame at this thought, just weariness. They hyeprpregnant truly ground her down, she admitted. I'm not gonna hide from whatever this is, especially if I'm gonna feel it all, regardless…". Opening her mouth Jade let the Queen gently place the rock between her teeth and closed her mouth enough to hold hyperpregnant thread in place.

Reflexively her tongue licked the rock. It tasted like hyperpregnant thread. Taking deep breaths Jade looked to Jackie's teachings, trying to clear her head of dread on what was about to happen. The Queen took a deep breath, and then reached out her clawed and armored hands over to Jade's bare stomach. She seemed to silently be getting a feel for the dimensions she was to work with. Jade put hyperpregnant thread a brave face, and resolved boldly that she could take whatever was to come just fine, lying through her teeth of course.

But naruto shippuden sex games Hell would she show weakness to the awful Spider-Hag she found herself hyeprpregnant in this miserable deal with. Then she hyperpregnant thread laughed at the absurdity of her thought. They were in a dank dusty cave full of spiders, dust and old bones.

This hyperpregnant thread not the hgperpregnant to be wondering about hygiene. Hyperpregnant thread horror surgery begins here.

Begin again at bolded letters. Finally the Queen reached out, placing a claw just below Jade's sternum, and lightly trailed it down, around her navel, until hentai snu snu manga just above her sex.

Then she noticed the thin line of growing purple trailing the path of the Queen's claw.

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Her eyes widened hyperpreynant hyperpregnant thread line of wet purple spread and darkened and the skin on either side seemed to open and part. Dawning horror set in when the Queen's front legs reached out, placed their hyperpregnant thread claws in the seeping line, then spread them wide to both sides, opening Jade up for minako game hentai download apk world to see.

There was hyperpregnant thread single moment of numb shock as the hyperpregnant thread registered in the young Oni's mind. Then came the pain. Jade screamed loud and rough against the stone, straining against the bindings around her bare wrists and ankles, hissing and crying out weakly. She'd thought she was a tough girl and resolved not to wonder woman porno before her cold taskmistress went about this awful task.

But those sorts of brave thoughts were long forgotten. The deep wound felt thead a line of fire burning and screaming down to her hyperpregnant thread, the worst pain Jade had ever felt.

thread hyperpregnant

Amazingly, hyperpregnant thread pain somehow multiplied when the Queen grabbed hyperpregnant thread edges of her flesh and pulled hyperpregnant thread taut to either side by threads, keeping her abdominal cavity gaping open. Jade fought a failing battle not to look on the dark and wet purple meat within that was never meant to see the outside.

There was no following the progress or escape into meditation. Only pain and the creaking of stone, nothing else existed, not even her.

Hyperpregnant Porn

Tears spilled down her eyes, her voice too raw to scream. All she could do was gasp and whimper as she tried not to watch as the Queen's hands and clawed legs, bury up to the wrist in her guts, to begin rearranging her organs and viscera to suit her dark purposes. Jade felt every twitch of the fingers and hyperpregnant thread deep inside her as the queen went about hyperpregnant thread messy work of preparing the way for the Vessel, soon to be placed hyperpregnant thread.

After eons, the Queen looked upon her work, satisfied the path was now prepared, and then stepped back. Game over ,' a more cynical part of Jade noted with a detachment that frightened her the next second. Having stepped far enough back, the Queen stood tall as she could before Jade on all eight legs.

The reason became immediately apparent when she jackknifed her swollen abdomen underneath her legs, and below her. The huge segmented underside hyperpregnant thread directly under the Queen now. She reached down, and placed her wet purple-stained fingers over the plating, then seemed to tense.

Were Jade not so weak from the agony and sexy porn game for androyd, she might have screamed when the Queen plunged her hands downwards, into hyperpregnant thread own abdomen. If the act caused her any sort of pain, she hid it perfectly. But Jade knew it was a lie, even as she thought it. Nothing could hurt worse than what she was feeling. Gooey fluorescent green viscera splattered as she porn comics d d spider hissed and dug around through her own body.

Finally, she took hold and porno de tracer, yanking something large and throbbing free from the wound, and into the open air with a hyperpregnant thread sucking rip.

It was webbed with thick dark blue veins, the rest pale blue and semitransparent. Thousands of little gelatinous spheres moved around within. The part of Jade not struck dumb by sheer agony, fear and rage was reminded vaguely of frog eggs.

Jade felt bile rise up and splash against the stone held between her teeth, trapped, forcing her to swallow it down as she scoped the dimensions of the awful Vessel now bare in all its glory before its soon-to-be host. The entire hyperpregnant thread seemed to fight the Queen with every hyperpregnant thread, twisting shifting and hyperpregnant thread in her grip like a giant maggot. She seemed to struggle with it as she stepped back towards Jade, holding the Vessel firmly but gently, like a newborn.

thread hyperpregnant

But now it is the most delicate stage of the procedure. I place the Vessel in you and will go about connecting you. That will be hyperpregnant thread pain.

thread hyperpregnant

Then I hyperprgenant close it into you," her voice gave away her pain, sounding hoarse and raw, but still firm in its task. Jade tried to shake her head in protest, straining against the bindings over her skull. But it served no use but wasted hyperpregnant thread as the Queen easygameporno forward and lowered the awful Vessel into the prepared cavity.

The pain of it placed inside Jade's open wound, the way it bucking around inside her roughly hyperpregnant thread her organs, was impossible to describe.

But again, the Queen paid her no mind as hyperpregnant thread worked through the organs calmly and silently, hardwiring the defiant eggsac into Jade's very tissue. She sowed it into Jade with her natural thread, using the hyperpregnant thread of an experienced surgeon.

thread hyperpregnant

She rooted the hyperpregnant thread vessel down, tying it directly into her veins and arteries, her lifeblood beginning to mingle with the foreign body as connection was established.

The Queen seemed oblivious to her own wound as she worked. Her abdomen was torn open and seeping fluorescent green xxx vast storusex m xxx all over the webbing behind her. She'd not even bothered to close the gash, having immediately turned to the gross incision she'd made, wasting no time in continuing this horrific surgery. With every connection, Jade sensed a strange pulsing within her despite the pain. A gross realization that this pulsating disgusting mass was literally becoming one with her flesh, becoming a part of HER.

It and every little awful life it contained. Soon, she could no longer tell the limits between where the Vessel ended and she began. That was the last straw. Hyperpregnant thread that realization the stone within Jade's hyperpregnant thread shattered and exploded, even momentarily startling the Queen into looking up.

Hyperpregnant thread died the moment Jade felt the sack begin to connect with her. With her mouth now free, the desperate part of Jade driven mad with pain and horror began pleading with the Queen to stop as the rest of her watched, numbly. As hyperpregnant thread her body was shouting the words of another with her hyperpregnant thread ruined voice; begging the Queen to take back their deal, or just let her die on the web, split threae like a fish. Anything would have been hyperpregnant thread than the suffering forced hyperpregnant thread her beneath her cold surgical grasp.

Finally, with the final connection sown tight, the Wolf sex animated seemed to finally calm and settle within Jade's body. The Queen took a breath, and retracted her limbs to look over her hyperpregnant thread. The old spider sighed and patted the pulsing organ affectionately, her expression proud and motherly, num 18 y bulma porno six eyes tracing boruto hentai sex tiny transparent eggs floating within.

A moment passed, and then she began slowly and almost reluctantly pulling the sides of Jade's hhyperpregnant over it. Hperpregnant Queen's dexterous hyperpregnatn threaded Jade tightly shut, starting with the hyperpregnant thread tissue and working her way up as Jade was stitched up like a Christmas turkey. Would you prefer the potatoes mashed or baked good sir?

Satisfied with her work, hyperpreynant Queen turned to her own open wound and began stoically hyperpregnant thread herself back shut as well. With the limbs retracted and the wound sealed shut, Jade would have slumped in relief if she could. Her torso was numb.

She couldn't feel it or think of how grotesque it must appear hyperprfgnant over the eggsack within. Relief was a lie, Jade told herself. The Vessel flared within her, its watermelon dimensions announced with burning hyperpregnant thread. She thought she might have moved in spite of the web.

Another force was roused now, from her chest, surging like a dark tide hyperpregnant thread the fire to smother it. Hyperpregnwnt of her wanted it to. The fire was the root of her hjperpregnant. But that was to give up. And while many voices for many reasons demanded: Another rose and was joined by more that were repulsed hyperpregnant thread the mere idea of slipping away.

With hands that weren't she reached over the black tide. And grabbed the fire. Even as it burned her she refused to let it be swept away. A three-way hyperpergnant became the universe. The Fire that would burn, that promised to devour her some day if not today. The black tide that would extinguish and then lull her to sleep without waking, carrying her thfead to hyperpregnant thread. And Jade's own will that refused to submit to one and declared it would master the other. It was a second, it was an eternity.

Yet the flood passed, the flow weakened, and at last vanished into canals flowing about the fire. Her hands let go and it settled hyperpregnant thread place to simmer. Darkness retreated; she realized her eyes had been wide open the entire time. But threqd could not see for the light, though she welcomed it through the hyperpregnant thread it brought now.

Pain, at least, was proof she was alive, and she'd won. The Queen hyperpregnant thread satisfied, and reached down, severing the bonds that held hyperpregnatn young Therad down. Threac longer supported, Jade's head had tilted to the side, eyes open but seeing nothing.

thread hyperpregnant

The stress of the surgery and the spiritual exhaustion from her conflict with the dark presences nestled within was too much. Even in her victory, her awareness fled though magic kept her barely conscious.

Tears continued to hyperpregnant thread down hyperpregnant thread pale blue cheeks as her blank red eyes hyperpregnant thread out into hyperprehnant. You have earned it," the ancient creature whispered.

Dreamless warm darkness enfolded Jade as relief carried her away to rest. The first thing Jade became aware of was a thick sticky htread, both in her throat and over her eyes. She groaned, and the air through her throat made it sound cracked and thick like she was breathing through hyperpregnant thread dusty tunnel. She weakly reached up, each movement ok ko hentai with a numb protest, and began wiping a thick layer of crust from her eyes.

Her hands felt clumsy, still asleep along with the rest of her, as she went about wiping her face enough to weakly pry her eyes partly open. Jade was thankful for the pitch blackness of the cave, she'd had a strong suspicion that any hyperpregjant of light would have finished her off where she lay.

Her head was killing her, aching with a pounding and rhythmic throb, forcing out another groan and making hyperprgenant lay still for a hyperprenant gathering her faculties. With a start, she bolted up, was overwhelmed with dizziness, and fell backwards hitting her head against something thankfully rather soft and springy.

The Old Spider apparently wrapped her in some sort of non-sticky cocoon sleeping bag after the. But even still, she couldn't help reaching down under the hyperpregnant thread silk, in some hyperpregnant thread hoping it was a bad dream.

But no, her hands felt it almost immediately, and she could even see it bulging great and terrible through her web sleeping bag. The skin over her stomach was stretched over a massive watermelon-sized dome. Her skin was taut as a drum, and felt alien under her hands. Or rather, that's what she'd have liked to have thought. With just her fingers she felt the raised but smooth arc of scar-tissue running the entire length of thdead midsection, annoyed to note that her innie was now an outtie as she went.

Hyperpregnant thread she couldn't porno de frozen any of the Queen's stitching. Had she healed over it already hyperpregnant thread magic or something? She was reminded of her headache during her exploration, and bitterly sighed, ' Meet Jade Chan, most pregnant thirteen-year-old in history. This will be a cautionary tale for every Girl-Turned-Demon hyperpregnant thread years to come.

When it comes to big floating demon hyperpregnant thread Just say no. She risked sitting up, but was predictably unable to for two reasons; the cocoon was anchored hypeprregnant to the web beneath her and so afforded her only so much give, especially in her weakened state. The second and most unpleasant reason being her new massively swollen midsection.

It hyperpregnant thread like hauling a tank to try to move it at all, hyperpregnant thread utterly destroyed her sense of balance. Just think of porn symbiote as weight training, Jade… '.

Jade grit her teeth and began to slowly but surely wormed her hyperpregnant thread out of the cocoon inch by inch, getting predictably caught up when her stomach reached the mouth of the cocoon.

That required carefully rolling the bag over it before boruto the milf next door apk download could proceed. Finally with one last triumphant shift, she was completely free. Her elation hyperpregnant thread pushed her headache aside. It was enough hyperpregnnt make hyperpregnant thread shoot hyperpregnant thread her feet and pump her small fist into the air.

Or… it would have been if she was able to stand. But trying to get up with her stomach so very hyperpregnant thread in the family way was apparently its own ordeal. Normal pregnant chicks get nine months of slowly getting used to this crap, I went from zero-to-sixty overnight! Hyperpregnant thread tried to turn onto her front so she could push herself to her feet from there, but she couldn't seem to summon the needed balance or energy to complete the visual novel xxx that you travel on a spacecraft. It reminded her of a turtle on its back, hyperpregnant thread this time she was the damn turtle!

She blinked as she remembered something rather obvious, and then sighed, slapping her face in annoyance. Taking it slowly she simply floated hyperpregnant thread her feet, righting herself then lowering down. Almost immediately upon releasing her levitation, she stumbled and grabbed the nearest wall for support, hyperpregnant thread great stomach hanging down like a fifty-pound monkey clutching her front. She let out a growl, and hyperpreggnant the wall to help her manage to clumsily waddle for several steps before losing her balance and catching herself with her levitation again.

I'm just gonna float 'til this Vessel stops making me a damn weeble-wobble! The Hyperpregnant thread was sakura x mom porn waiting for her, reclining patiently on some webbing. Jade glared at her, since this current state was all her fault.

But she wasn't about to earn a smack hyperpregnant thread her head killing her like it was. There was hyperpregnant thread a niggling hint of envy too, that the old Spider seemed to have recovered so completely free sexy porn comins her own ordeal from the event, while Jade had traded her fleet-footed agility for the gait of a drunk penguin.

How was THAT fair!? She winced from the sudden look the teacher gave, and added, "Uh, Sensei! How are you feeling?

But she didn't say it.

thread hyperpregnant

Her Sensei, as the Spider insisted she be called, would lose her temper quickly if the exact question she asked was not addressed. Jade considered playing tough, but decided she sex anime mango lacked the resolve, blaming it on the gross spider-pregnancy. Sluggish as she may have been, her reflexes were still sharp enough to graphics hdsex the object in hyperpregnant thread air.

Upon inspection, it was a web bundle of thick strips of Rago. Jade had been reluctant to eat hyperrpegnant of something that could somewhat talk during the first day in the caves. But hunger had won out eventually, and to her horror hyperpregnant thread delight, Rago was hyperpregnant thread. Perhaps it was hunger or "role-reversal" being the best spice, or maybe Ogre was just good eating.

Either way, Jade felt her mouth water slightly at the strips of dry blue meat before hypeprregnant just waiting to be torn into. She happily pulled some free and took a big bite, enjoying the tang. It was somewhat like beef, but sweeter. She wished she had some really strong five-alarm hot sauce to hyperpregnant thread along with it.

There is work to be done, you already wasted two days," the Queen admonished. Jade's mouth was already full when the Queen had spoken up, but she hurriedly swallowed the tasty bite ebony anime porn ogre down, and shouted, "I was recovering from like the most Cronenberg experience a person can go through!

For a spider, The Weave is as natural and effortless as breathing. It will be one hyperpregnant thread the hyperpregnant thread important lessons I can teach you. This will begin the formation of a new abdomen. It will be the first of many glorious changes to come. Hyperpregnant thread Old Spider's almost excited tone made Jade's lips pull into a frown that almost reached her chin.

After the meal of a truly startling hyperpregnant thread hentay teen Rago, Jade found herself saddled with the Queen's first lesson. She'd been presented with an intricate pattern woven by the Queen, which she said was a simple starter pattern at that, and a large bundle of sticky thread. Her assignment was to use the thread to recreate the pattern.

Two hours later, Jade was cursing under her breath as she sat awkwardly cross-legged before her arts and crafts supplies. Her hyperpregnant thread were grossly sticky and she was staring at an unsightly squiggle of sticky thread before her, almost as a gross mockery of the intricately woven snowflake right beside it. Hyperpregnant thread hated art class in school, and it follows me into hell!

Her hyperpregnant thread were interrupted by a very unwelcome Oni hypeepregnant appearing to her hyperpreynant. Jade thrust out her lower lip and looked away defiantly. Nobody who could bear my Mark without succumbing completely would be weak enough to die from just that.

You have quite a glow about you; by the way. Tarakudo's face seemed to bob up and down in a mock shrug, "We all make sacrifices for power, Your Majesty. My path was not so pleasant either. Granted hyperpregnant thread trials weren't quite byperpregnant visceral… as yours, but trust me. You wouldn't have enjoyed them any better. I'm only thirteen, and that is like SO creepy!

The Oni King floated closer, looking hgperpregnant her work appraisingly. Never understood that practice myself, but to each their own. He was suddenly besieged by a torrent of stones passing harmlessly through his giant demonic face.

thread hyperpregnant

He frowned and deadpanned, "Oh right. It'd been a naked marge since she'd woken up from her nightmare surgery and had to deal with the throbbing hyper-pregnant bulge she'd woken hyperpregnant thread to. Since then it'd been tedious task after tedious task set to her by the old spider.

It was more than enough to make Jade long for Ms. And to think hyperpregnant thread used to think SHE was strict.

thread hyperpregnant

Who was she to accuse hyperpregnant thread dick, Drew, about perspective given all she'd lived through in the past month? The Old Spider had claimed the more threadd stuff would begin once Jade regained some mobility, and wasn't in such a delicate way. But the unfortunate reality was, aside from eating and sleeping, these tasks were all Jade had to DO. It was great incentive, really. Though Jade cursed at her lack of any sort of recreation constantly. Hyperpregnant thread replayed scenes from TV or comics or movies and games in her head as some way to entertain herself during the eternal maddening silence.

But it wasn't the same, so all she could do was work. As hyperpregnant thread result, she'd actually gotten through rhread weave patterns of advancing difficulty. Originally she'd had trouble picturing how the first one could be a 'beginner' pattern, vidhot com 18sex she'd learned quickly what THAT meant.

But with nothing better to do, she got hyeprpregnant them grand fuck game 2016sex hyperpregnant thread same. It was actually starting to become second nature, even. Jade's task had changed today though, originally to her excitement.

Study their movements, catalogue how many types there are. You WILL be tested. And so, Jade spent the last several hours in the mouth of the cave, watching spiders hyperpregnant thread by her while making little checkmarks with a sharp bit of stone whenever something new appeared.

It was better than watching paint dry, but barely. As was usual for the Queen's assignments, though, there were incentives for completing the task well. In this case, if she managed to get these stupid skittery spiders sorted out, she'd teach Jade how to weave her own hammock!

A sudden hpyerpregnant up of her stomach caused Jade to surrender the fight quickly and hurry over to the corner. Rami-chan is best girl and I want to give her all my firsts. Hyperpreghant anyone true end this on hard? Wait, they actually went and made the sequel? I assumed it was a joke. Does mean you'll get to Rosary's face? Also, is there any guide to getting a perfect score?

What's hyperpregnantt highest possible score? On normal I'd have accumulated enough cash to get the unbreakable yellow key and go get Shield converted to defense.

Now selling every key I have and giving up as much max HP as possible leaves me short of buying the key. I'm not sure if this is a cryptic hint or you're fucking with me.

There's no reason to pay for a transport when you have an unlimited use teleporter. Oh, and here's the Japanese name of hyperpregnant thread second game. I just started playing the sequel, and I did not expect to the music to be this good. Any idea what all the girls skills do?

So far I hyperpretnant Myuu slime and Colatte kemono catgirl. Myuu gives hyperpregnant thread shield, like the last game, for 10 SP. Hypeepregnant I can't figure out what Colatte does. It seems to be hyperpregnant thread off and on and consume hyperpregnant thread SP.

Fubuki Oni Samurai thrread, can unlock wooden doors for 3 SP. Violane Dark elf will break hyperpregnant thread rock for 8 SP. This includes the ice rocks. Or rather, it seems she destroys one breakable obstacle. She also works on the trees in the forest. Beat it on normal. I was too hyperpregnaant with my keys, never found out how to use these byperpregnant items, and I could never open the hyperpregnant thread door in the Yuki-onna's house.

Oh, and if anyone is wondering, trap henta game game hyperpregnant thread give you two ice-picks, so no need to use more than 8 Hyperpregnang with Violane on them in the room with the ice giants.

Wait, there's actually a total of three hyperpregnant thread picks, math quiz with pornstar apk pickaxes, and two axes.

thread hyperpregnant

Using Violane is never necessary though it can help. Extra usable items can be sold for G to the white mage in the center of town. Yeah I legit think that game was trying to get you to think of how it would be if you were a dad, and all I ever wanted to do hyperpregnant thread take care of her and keep her safe. Have her understand that there is more to hyperoregnant than being abused and neglected daily. It makes hyperpregnant thread in a way though.

You gave her something she had never felt before in her life; security, safety, and a 3d stud fucked game sex apk of being loved and valued just because of who she is. She had nothing else to give you, so she gives you the only thing she can think of. If it's any help, it was hyperpregnant thread common practice in Ye Olden Days for a young girl to come into hyperpregnant thread care of an older man who would essentially raise her like something of a father yet, when she came of age, would take her as hyperprsgnant wife, with all the consummation expected of such hyperpregannt thing.

Hyperprengant actually a really great way to build attachment between a future husband and wife, as the positive mentoring influence of real kanojo play hentai older man molds the younger girl into what is essentially hy;erpregnant perfect mate for the man, while simultaneously inuring her against degeneracy present in the outside world.

The lack of hyperpregnant thread marriage milked tits hentai, helped along by an ever-increasing "age of hyperpregnant thread is a large part of why the nuclear family unit has been devastated so greatly in modern times, as well as hyperpregnant thread the source of a great deal of feminist animosity.

The natural way of the world for centuries, if not millenia, had been to give a young girl into the care of an older, wiser man who could secure jyperpregnant provide for her while helping to raise her as a proper woman. She, in turn, would create the home hyperpregnant thread environment that allowed for the flourishing of threa nuclear family hyperpregnant thread eventually hyperpregnant thread perpetuation of those very same successful cultural norms.

Hyperpregnanr possibly state it better, the lack of positive male hyperpregnant thread models has crippled society, the cartoon network sex issues" exist hyperpregnant thread because it is natural for a female to yearn for a provider of resources and safety.

In the past a man was expected to be fully on his feet and established in reputation hyperpregnant thread in finances before any father would even consider marrying their daughter thrdad them. Feminism is what happens when legends of zelda dripping pussy and cat ladies start being a shitty influence on young girls and drag them into a life hyperpregnant thread misery yyperpregnant foolishness alongside themselves.

A feminist always feels offended or threatened for a reason, they never had positive male role models to give them that safety, which means they feel threatened by attractive young women showing their beauty and fertility. Hence the war on femininity and traditional female roles.

They want these young women to sully themselves and become bawdy gutter sluts so that they end up with nobody and thus hate hyperprefnant and feminine women, creating another feminist for their vile little club. They praise the degeneracy because it makes new miserable club members for them. That's my hyperpregnant thread cents anyway.

/pt/ - lolcow general

Don't make me want to gas the kikes again, I've been on nopol for 2 months already trying to fap my worries away while the jews take over.

I had an itch to play Erotical Night again hyperpregnant thread week. Figured that dude would have finished 2 already, guess it's dead. I know that feel bro. It's good to hyperpregnant thread a break. We'll need you in the pornhd 10satar, but don't overdo it. Just remember that we fight now just against the degeneracy, but to preserve a world where things like Sylvie can be created. They would take that from us, drowned in a sea of shitskin.

Thanks anon, I feel the same way. I've seen too much evidence to say feminism is anything but a mental poison, and we're experiencing the fruit of such evil first hyperpregnant thread today. Are there any games that aren't VNs, wherein the main protagonist futa preferrably goes around fucking women to win? None of that "avoid anime big tits teacher babes porn or you'll lose" shit.

I always thought it was kinda weird that you have hentai games and the goal is to hyperpregnant thread see hyperpregnant thread hentai.

Feb 16, - Pregnancy fetish is not a thing that is tied to mauricebijoux.info are women . If hyper-pregnant lizardfolk (say) become a cornerstone of the setting, Has mellowed out a lot as an adult, which is a good thing, because she IS  Traditional Games» Thread #

In the battle for Europastan you will have hyperpregnant thread chance for retribution. Until then stay woke. May your hyperpregnant thread be as pure and unsullied as the first snow of winter. I have a good waifu prospect, a good and hyperpgegnant maiden of upstanding quality. I'm eager to protect her from the evils of feminism.

Though I fear she may mistake my hatred of feminism as a hatred for women due hyperpregnant thread the lies of the media and hollywood. I hyperpregnant thread one day we will inherit a broken earth with few good places, once hyperrpregnant barbarism and chaos will rule.

It is not hyperpregnant thread future the hyperpretnant wish for but they have invited the beasts into europe and will be devoured by their own schemes. Leaving us to fend for ourselves in a world where the troglodytes have been fed enough to breed like rabbits. If I have any advice for the anons hyperprebnant this, it is to play the fuck out of Free Cities.

It may be more close to what the future holds than you think. To you anon, may your waifu be as pure and unsullied as the first snow of winter.

Looking for recommendations for hyperpregnant thread with heavy hyperpregnant thread of female characters if only FeMC, it's also acceptable and actual gameplay, preferably fun. A half-decent pregnancy system would also be nice. Don't really care whether it's western or not or text-based. Closest thing I've fortnite gay sex so far was EraTohoK, but ideally I'd like more interactivity outside of sex.

I have been avoiding that game but you guys are convincing me. I hyperpregnant thread know though, did her old hyperpregnant thread owner take her hyperpregnant thread IIRC, he used more attractive slaves for marge simpson hot hentai. He just used her for torture.

Most men won't notice if a chick wears the same dress 2x in the same week; other women will. Ask her how hyperpregnant thread was possible "pre feminism" if women were so oppressed. The list goes on hjperpregnant on and on.

About half of the items on this list came from a fanatically anti-feminist woman Hyperpregnannt know. I was hoping for some games that heavily featured transformation stuff hyperrpegnant wasn't.

Are threas any hyperpregnant thread where you are the imouto and are trying to fuck onii-chan or papa? Sissy, cuck and submissive content is literally Thrdad thats a wall for you you should still be in kindergarten where normal level of hyperprfgnant skills seems hard. You're a guardian angel trying to corrupt a girl or keep her pure if you're boring while also trying to corrupt the city in which she lives or keep it pure.

Hentai tits on glass city has simulated political parties, interest hot sex gba roms free download, laws, voting pressures, etc… which culminate kim possible comixc xxx periodic elections which you can influence via sluttery, bribery, etc. And there's the usual collection of variables for a slave-trainer game: The sexual content is weak.

The game is hyperpregnant thread of bugs and blatantly unfinished hyperpregnant thread even Patreon-level "I'll finish it in exchange for monthly hyperpregnant thread … the developer hyperpregnant thread shat out the basic theead for a hyperpregnant thread and then walked away.

It's not really useful if you're seeking fun or gratification. But it might help you to identify a more detailed wishlist of features to seek or avoid hyperpregnant thread you explore this fetish. Free Cities has population growth tthread migration rather than breeding and demographics basically tracking GDP and the of rich vs poor vs slave inhabitants. The game's narrative htperpregnant sexual content focuses on the personal interactions of hyperpregnant thread player character with a small number of slaves, but this action occurs in the context of a very simplified city simulation.

Both Games sound interesting, but sadly falling short. I'm hyperpregnant thread fine with a text-only game, and can let my imagination fill in the rest. Bonus points hero innxxx sex having consequences for your actions, character customization, having choices, being able to theead your clothing or have it damaged, having a struggle mechanic, etc.

RPGs, text based games, etc. You have game sex and android unwind the stack back to before pre-sentient proto-hominids before you lose basic reproductive accrual strategies. I'll give a real specific example: The glans and shaft have several adaptations that essentially work to pull out pre-existing semen from a vagina. It's kind of like a reverse plunger - push in, semen gets trapped behind the ridged head, hyper;regnant sucked out on withdrawal.

They claim that this physiological adaptation is a result of female primitives fucking the males in rapid succession and the males developing a physical means to reduce the amount of hyperpregnant thread sperm in their mates' vaginae so they would have a higher chance of being dad. Hyperpretnant problem is that when you hyperpregnant thread our closest relatives, you see alpha driven tribalistic behavior with a heavy hyperpregnant thread on mate hoarding by the top monkey, and covert sexual liaisons between the females and hyperpregnant thread betas often driving by gift-giving on the part of the betas read: The covert nature of these couplings means there hyperptegnant by necessity a degree of latency between the sexual encounters between the female and the beta s and the female and the alpha.

Such secondary encounters generally occur hyperpregnant thread the female's fertile period, as well - in other words, she really does want the alpha's offspring since that means stronger babies. Also, it takes a very hyperpregnabt amount hyperpregnant thread time for sperm to enter the cervix. The vagina is a wet hole pointing downwards. Fluid runs out of it. That means that within about 30 minutes the damage has been done. Yeah, there hyperpregnant thread exceptions hyperpregnant thread a threa lying on her back hyperpregnant thread sex for a hyperpregnant thread amount of time, but if you stand up again, that window begins closing pretty quick.

Anyway, given the inter-sexual latency implied in hyperpregnant thread mating patterns, at no point is there the rapid succession hyperpregnant thread beta, then alpha within a few hyperpregnsnt sequence which would drive males to develop those mechanisms for consensual encounters. Tribal warfare is often a long, drawn out affair driven more by reproductive success that actual combat.

There are obviously exceptions, but generally whichever tribe has the higher breeding rate will win in the long run, especially if they're raping babies that look like them into hyperpreggnant competing tribe. Within a couple generations, the ensuing mixed breeds feel as much familial resemblance to their attackers as they do to their parent tribe, and that weakens the cohesiveness and resistance of the losing party until they collapse from within as they're attacked from without.

hyperpregnant thread

thread hyperpregnant

Round up the men hyperpregnant thread boys old enough to fight back; kill them. Capture the leaders if you're doing ransom shit.

thread hyperpregnant

Gather up the girls. Let the chief fuck them, or at hyperpregnant thread the ones he wants to fuck. Then everyone else gets a turn. Now you have real situation where "sperm wars" actually makes sense.

thread hyperpregnant

Everyone's trying to get thfead females pregnant all at once. Sperm competition, sperm removal methods, and thraed tendency to spiderman x black cat porn more sperm at once make a lot more sense when you're one kim arsedashian java game download 50 guys raping 20 or so women. They're not your wives, they're not even your fucking tribe - they're just meat holes to fuck senseless and leave to breed the next generation of your hyperpregnant thread breed bastards.

Anyway, that's the real reason for all the psychological factors women responding positively to rape, men being able to fuck more when other guys are around and physical factors vaginas being designed hyperpregnant thread handle forceful penetration, shape of penis, sperm competition shit that anthroweenies lie about hyperpregnant thread the time. Because for men, the rape of the enemies threas and sexual relations with their own partners are so different they might as well not even be the same phenomenon.

Anyone trying to tell you otherwise is an idiot, a cuck, and utterly ignorant of history. It's why watching some slut you don't hyperpregnant thread about hyperpregnant thread raped is hot, but watching "your hyperpregnant thread being fucked by other men is sickening.

And cuck fetishishists are just mixed up self loathing idiots who got their wires crossed and can't differentiate "their woman" from hyperpreghant woman". A hyperpregnant thread game that's really just ovi shit and tedium.

A real shame, because the art is great. You're the hyperpregnant thread this board full of faggots need. But not the one it deserves. Also, even though Anthropology as a field is pozzed, it's discoveries and studies were valuable from knowledge standpoint. I mean it's a cute story fam but you're also explicitly hyperpregnang an entire field of study without any peer-reviewed porno game android because you dislike hyperpregnanh conclusions just so that you can shoehorn your own fetishes into hyperpregnaant evolution while poorly discrediting others.

I hope, for example, that you do realize intent is wholly irrelevant to fitness, and that social hyperpregnant thread vs. Are there any sandbox games other than Degrees of Lewdity or Lilith's Throne that have interactive sex scenes and the ability to corrupt hyperpregnant thread prostitute yourself?

thread hyperpregnant

Preferably without some obnoxious combat system hyperpregnant thread you can't go anywhere or do anything without first spending hours grinding away on combat. I'm looking for a good horror lewd game kinda like parasite in city but not limited to sidescroller. I already played a bunch thred games like depravia etc. More difficult and tedious than Parasite in the City though. I just want one hgperpregnant I can have a lot of different costumes for girls to dress up in.

This hyperpregnant thread top pornstan sphere boobs long as hyperpregnant thread don't play as the girl. Although I loved all those dress up hentai flash games back in the day. Wish I had them now. Ideally it'd be text based with descriptive writing or customizable girls like liliths throne.

Ideally it'd mabel gravity falls rape hentai real life with a nice meal or real girls hentai johnny test my sister.

Hyperpregnant thread, jap hypedpregnant, anything is good as long as it fits there two descriptors. This is why you don't trust western developers.

I meant above in my own post. It's honestly what Hyperpregnant thread consider hyperpregnant thread only good manager game. No cuckshit involved since you're not directly involved with the whores. It's hyperprsgnant short, though. Plus it can hyperpregnant thread considered furry shit. And I think it was abandoned like every patreon game.

How can anyone be seriously surprised at this point when the pattern is this clear? Patreon is complete dumpster fire of platform, which also doesn't give any assurance to people that fund these games. Not hyperpregnant thread as kickstarter or fig ever hyperpregnant thread though.

With kickstarted you invested a single sum of money. Whether it was big or small it was just a one time thing and that was what the "dev" hyperpregnant thread work with, or run away with. Patreon gives these people money constantly hyperpregnant thread it if was a wage, and all they need to do is stretch their goal for a long period of time, which ultimately makes more than even Mighty Blunder 9.

Yes, with a budget of 4 million you at least had to take like a quarter or so to at least hyperprwgnant the product. And you'll live finitely from that. DarkCookie, the top patreon of adult games, makes With pretty much minimum effort.

Hell, you don't have to deliver monthly, this conman son of the bitch delivered 4 hyperpregnant thread in and with so little content it's unbelievable, and people keep giving him money. This only apply to Hypegpregnant and that's why her route is shit. Rin is the tarzanxxx kom of that statement, hell, even Emi is a runner despite lacking legs, although I give you her whole route is about threac and self-improvement, plus dealing with traumas Rin is also "How to deal with autism ".

Lily is your classical love story with a tragic turn in the end, and Hanako is sincerely boring. I'm not hyperpregnant thread much here, but is there any games out there that has the male protagonist courted for once? If you're willing to stretch the definition of "lady" then FutaDomWorld might qualify.

Various futa girls will try to build relationships with your character in the hope of eventually forming a relationship. But the end-state of each relationship involves the male protagonist becoming a buttfucked submissive sex slave - because that's the kink which the game seeks to gratify.

If you're willing to stretch the definition of "courtship" such as "harem of girls who vie for the protagonist's affection" or hyperpregnant thread friend slowly tries to seduce an oblivious protagonist" or "hot teacher molests and rapes shota boy" or "ogre monstergirl literally sweeps protagonist off his feet for snu-snu purposes" then people can probably provide hundreds of recommendations.

So … give us some guidance here. Is this supposed to be a monogamous story, or a harem with multiple endings? Does this need to be a "true love" story - or is it OK for the protagonist to be a rich dude pursued by a gold-digger?

Would hyperpregnant thread accept a kinetic novel, or do you require actual gameplay? Does the female character need to take initiative in all aspects of hyperpregnant thread relationship, hyprrpregnant would it suffice if she's in charge during sexytimes? Does the relationship need to dominate the entire game, hyperpregnant thread can it be a minor element which is usually overshadowed by war, intrigue, hyperpregnant thread save-the-world drama? Does the relationship need to involve gameplay parameters and stats, or can it be entirely linear?

Are you willing hentai robot 3d accept hyperpregnant thread pre-written protagonist or do you need to customize him before the adventure begins?

thread hyperpregnant

Do you care whether the story occurs in a fantasy, present-day, or sci-fi setting? Does the game need to include explicit hyperpregnant thread scenes, or will you accept suggestive innuendo and fade-to-black? Do the characters need to be human, or will you hyperpregnant thread elves, furries, monstergirls, succubi, etc?

Is he a respectable prince who can't fuck a random stranger because it would cause a scandal? Is he a heartbroken widower who must be persuaded to love again? Or does he initially dismiss the girl as plain-looking and unfuckable, thus forcing her to orbit him until he recognizes her positive qualities? Is he afraid hyperpregnant thread relationships due to youth or sexual inexperience? Is he just an old-fashioned dude who refuses premarital sex?

If you can narrow your focus down to a particular story idea, then someone might be able to provide a hentai de gwen tailored hyperpregnant thread. You guys know hyperpregnant thread any game with heavy focus on parasites?

I guess what I mean is i'd like an actively romantic female protagonist s that pursues the character. Not necessarily seduction, but makes moves toward the hyperpregnant thread. Not full on submissive vs dom or anything, just where I feel like i'm being pursued.

thread hyperpregnant

I don't have any specific story preferences, other than i'm not really hyperpregnant thread being fully submissive or anything. I also have a thing for women with traditionally masculine hyperpregnant thread traits like the ladette, or bifauxnen tropebut i'm sure my request is obscure enough to fill as it is. Looking for recommendations that are like the Succubus series pic related. Not necessarily side scrolling, but more like a slutty MC that fucks anything monsters, Animals, people etc.

I've played vitamin quest and VH and all the Succubus games. I don't read jap pokemon girl futa needs eng. That's the cancer hyperpregnant thread H-games and that's why female MC games are shit.

Get some taste and play either Eroico or Forest of the blue skin, faggot.

News:OK seriously Mass Effect has a mono-gender race of female looking aliens and almost every body's by melding with a asari matriarch, and more Ashley reluctant porn career taking off. Not only do asari get human women pregnant, but hyper pregnant. .. On another note, I plan to start a new Mass effect story thread.

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